Advocating for the end of stigma through community awareness and education
Tulsa CARES is committed to client empowerment and self-worth and supports a range of interventions aimed at reducing risk or threats to health. We offer primary prevention to help prevent the transmission of HIV and HCV; secondary prevention to help treat and reduce the impact of living with HIV and HCV; and tertiary prevention to help clients manage long-term, complex health conditions.


Tulsa CARES offers free, quick, and confidential HIV and HCV testing, and walk-ins are welcome during regular agency hours. The HIV rapid test is a simple finger prick blood test (no needles involved). The HCV antibody test is a simple swab of the inside of your mouth/cheek. If results are negative, your testing counselor will talk with you about your risk factors and may recommend that you return for another test. If your results are positive, your counselor will discuss your recommended next steps. Learning your status can be overwhelming, but we are here to help through every step of your journey.


Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is when people at risk for HIV take daily medicine to prevent HIV. When taken daily, studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99%. Tulsa CARES offers a PrEP program that can connect you to a local provider who can prescribe PrEP as well as an LGBT-friendly pharmacy partner with local delivery. Tulsa CARES can further help reduce your out of pocket expenses associated with medical co-pays and lab work. For more information, click here.

Rx Health Prescription Drug Program

For privately-insured individuals who may not qualify for federal drug assistance programs but may face barriers to treatment, Tulsa CARES can help reduce out of pocket expenses associated with HIV or HCV treatment as well as PrEP. Additionally, we can provide free health care navigation and linkage to our LGBT+ friendly pharmacy partner with local delivery. For more information, click here.

Safer Sex

Correctly using male condoms and female condoms, every time, can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and viral Hepatitis. To request free condoms or lubrication fill out this form and we will mail these items to you.

Community Education

Our staff enjoy presenting to the community, partnering with schools, participating in health fairs, etc. We can cover topics specific to our programs, like mental health or nutrition for people living with chronic health conditions, or speak generally about HIV and HCV prevention. To connect with staff or request an agency tour, click here.

Local Prevention Resources

H.O.P.E. offers prevention education, risk reduction, safe sex supplies, and HIV/STD testing.

Guiding Right works to increase health awareness and education for minority and other vulnerable populations, including outreach, HIV/STD testing, and a wellness program.

Oklahoman's for Equality seeks equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals and families through intersectional advocacy, education, programs, and alliances.