We’re here to help you access treatment, care, and cure.
Thanks to medication advancements in recent years, Hepatitis C (HCV) is now a curable chronic health condition, and most individuals can be cured in a matter of months when proper prevention, care, and treatment are in place. Regardless of where you are on your journey, we are committed to helping you achieve your personal and health goals.

In 2018, Tulsa CARES began applying its proven HIV care coordination model to clients living with HCV, the only program of its kind in the state. Clients who are case managed elsewhere are welcome to participate in the program.

If you’re interested in learning more, you are encouraged to contact Tulsa CARES at 918 834 4194. Eligibility and treatment readiness are factors to ensure successful treatment completion. Treatment readiness takes into consideration things such as reliable transportation, stable housing, harm reduction, and social supports. For those who are interested in treatment but not quite ready to proceed, we are happy to provide you referrals and care coordination support to help get you where you need to be.

Intake includes:

• The collection of necessary documentation, paperwork, and consent forms;
• Health coverage eligibility and application if required; and
• HCV confirmatory testing at our lab partner.

After your intake is complete, your care coordinator will work with you on a needs assessment, linkage to medical care, and the development of a customized care plan, including referrals and access to certain Tulsa CARES programs.



Clients must provide proof of HCV status provided by a confirmatory lab test or signed physician statement.


The Hepatitis C program at Tulsa CARES serves any resident living in Oklahoma who is willing to travel to the Tulsa area for treatment. Proof of residence can be provided by a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or State ID.


Clients with a household income of less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Guideline are eligible for HCV care coordination and support services at Tulsa CARES.

Click here to learn more about federal income guidelines

Client Confidentiality

Tulsa CARES follows all legal and regulatory standards regarding the protection of client information. Sharing confidential information occurs only with client consent.