HIV and Hepatitis C Testing

Getting tested for HIV is important, free, quick, painless, and confidential.

HIV Rapid Test

(a simple finger prick blood test, no needles involved)

Hepatitis (HCV) Test

(a swab of cells from the inside of the mouth/cheek)

Should I get tested for HIV or HCV?

Factors that can potentially expose you to HIV or HCV include:

  • Condom-less sex with someone who may be living with HIV or HCV
  • Sharing needles or tattoo supplies with someone who may be living with HIV or HCV
  • A woman is able to pass HIV during pregnancy and childbirth. This can be prevented, but those who are pregnant should discuss with their doctor.
Where can I get tested?
  • Tulsa CARES, 3712 E. 11th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 918-834-4194
How much does testing cost?
  • Testing through Tulsa CARES is always FREE.
What do I need to bring to get tested?
  • All services at Tulsa CARES are confidential and nothing is required for testing.
What if my result is negative?
  • Your testing counselor will talk to you about the window period for HIV and HCV, a period of time after a person is infected during which they won’t test positive. It may be recommended that you come back to re-test.
What if my result is positive?
  • You may be given a follow up test to confirm.
  • Learning your status can sometimes be scary but we are here to help. Tulsa CARES staff are trained to provide education, medical referrals and help through every step of your journey. See a complete list of our resources here.