Privacy Policy
Tulsa CARES is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use our website. Tulsa CARES does not collect any information about individuals searching our website, nor do we collect any information about specific browser activity (i.e. cookies). However, Tulsa CARES does anonymously collect information through a log file which indicates web pages that were visited and how frequently. This information can be analyzed to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our website visitors.

There are various forms that allow you to directly contact Tulsa CARES via our website. If you identify yourself in these communications with us, we will never use your words in testimonials that identify you without your explicit prior permission.

Tulsa CARES does not disclose, give or sell any personal information about visitors to our website, including e-mail addresses collected for our e-mail newsletter.

Any changes to the Tulsa CARES privacy policy will be posted and explained as soon as they go into effect.

Tulsa CARES is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of the websites to which it may link.