Our Story


Our Mission:
Delivering social services to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

We are committed to creating a community where all people with HIV/AIDS have equal opportunities for healthy living. We advance our mission through empowerment, inclusion, and the creation of hope by offering tailored, integrated resources and advocating for the end of HIV stigma.

Our Commitment:

To achieve quality health outcomes for those living with HIV/AIDS resulting in

  • HIV treatment adherence
  • Quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Reduction of HIV transmission
Our Strategy:

We deliver tailored, integrated services

  • Care Coordination
  • Health Care Navigation
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Housing Assistance
  • Food and Nutrition

We advocate for the end of HIV stigma

  • We address client empowerment and self-worth
  • We advocate through community awareness, education, and testing
Our History:

Tulsa CARES was founded in 1991 as a community response to the growing need for coordinated HIV/AIDS care. Over the past two decades, Tulsa CARES has provided a compassionate response to the HIV epidemic as HIV infection has evolved from a fatal illness to a chronically-managed disease. Within the framework of the HIV treatment cascade, we play a critical role in improving the lives of Oklahomans living with HIV/AIDS.