Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Tulsa CARES is dedicated to fulfilling our mission.

Interested in joining our Advisory Board or submitting an application to join our Elected Board?

For more information, contact Kate Neary at 918-834-4194.

Board members for the 2017-2018 term and their offices are as follows:

Executive Board

Betsy Jackson

Nicole Amend
Executive Vice President

April McAnnally

Payton Fesperman

Elected Directors

Abby Adeyemi
Sheryl Boone
Chris Brecht-Smith
Conor Cleary
Jeff Cox
Howard Doak
Dathel Golden
Patrick Gordon
Brian Hughes
Ty Kaszubowski
Dr. Madburi Lad
Tony Li
Dr. John Rogers
Liz Stabler
Erin Thompson
Aiden Waidner-Smith
Dr. Janelle Whitt
Valyncia Wilson

Advisory Directors

Dan Burnstein
Pat Chernicky
Bill Clark
Kim Coretz
Charles Craig
Toni Garner
Francie Faudree Gillman
Dr. Greg Holt
Mike Keys
Christopher Murphy
Hillary Parkhurst
Dr. John Rogers
Susan Sadler
Dr. Blane Snodgrass
Bob Stewart
Ryan Jude Tanner
Dmitry Volfson

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Neary