HIV/AIDS Resources

The following websites are a small representation of the educational resources available online.

Please keep in mind that website links can change.

AEGIS (AIDS Education Global Information System) AEGIS provides HIV/AIDS news and information that is updated hourly. It also includes an impressive archive of HIV/AIDS publications from community groups to government agencies some dating back as far as 1986.

The Body (An AIDS and HIV Information Resource)
 The Body is a complete resource for people wanting to learn more about HIV/AIDS including treatment decisions, quality of life issues, and social support options. This site has received numerous awards and is an excellent resource for information on all aspects of HIV/AIDS.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
The CDC provides fact sheets and slide sets on HIV/AIDS statistics, information on vaccine research, prevention tools, funding information and more.

HIV Insite In the Topics section, HIV Insite maintains comprehensive HIV/AIDS information divided by key areas, such as medical concerns, policy concerns, and populations/settings. Included are news, articles, opinion pieces, documents, abstracts, bibliographies, contacts, and other resources.

Kaiser Family Foundation 
In addition to providing the fact sheets on HIV/AIDS issues and statistics, registered users can elect to receive the Daily HIV/AIDS Report from Kaiser.